Your favorite artist, your favorite song, in one line

Every NFT is unique and matchless

300 NFTs from 60 artists


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Visit and buy the lines on OpenSea


The NFTs will be released on the Ethereum blockchain

You can purchase them on OpenSea or Rarible e. g.

The price of the first 50 #lines starts at 0.01 Ξ (ETH)

The price increases 0.01 ETH every 50 NFTs sold until 0.06 Ξ

There will be Special Editions too

For more details see the FAQ



Cryptocurrencies need a lot of energy. 

I’m going to make my contribution here and invest 20% of the proceeds from the sale of the NFTs in TREECYCLE, which plant trees in the rainforest to counteract climate change, and donate 10% of the profit to charitable institutions.


What you get

a unique NFT in high quality

(every NFT is matchless and just minted once)

the same NFT in super high quality

(The NFT in a resolution of 12500x12500px and 600DPI - special editions may differ)

Fact File (wanted Poster) with all the information about the line

(only the owner of the NFT is able to see and download the super high quality NFT and the fact file too)

60 artists, each with 5 different color styles, make a total of 300 NFTs with different degrees of rarity. There will be limited special editions in the collection. 

Each of the 60 artists are immortalized once in a special edition NFT.

special edition

soon available

special edition

soon available

music - pride edition

 music - luxury edition


And if the music collection is not enough, there are more collections to come later in 2022.

Stay tuned and welcome to PRFCT-LINES!