Cryptocurrencies need a lot of energy. A lot of Energy!

Energy that often does not come from renewable sources, but from fossil fuels. This is extremely damaging to the environment.

I’m going to make my contribution here. I will put 20% of the proceeds from the sale of the NFTs into the conservation of the Amazon rainforest.

With the help of TREECYCLE we protect our forests and the world's climate.

Treecycle Logo

How it works:

Donate 1

Donate 2

Donate 3

Donate 4

Donate 5

Choose the amount of TREE you want to begin with.

We take care of the growing until the trees are ready to be harvested and sold.

40% of profits go directly to the investor.

10% is donated to local charities and social projects.

The remaining 50% is automatically used to start a new TREE CYCLE OF LIFE ®

TREECYCLE combats illegal logging by converting fallow land into fast growing, sustainable forests.

TREECYCLE creates a sustainable process of reforestation of the primeval forests of Paraguay while protecting the native flora and fauna.

In addition to investing in reforestation and reducing CO2, another 10% of the money will be donated to local charities and social projects.

Did I say, this hole project runs on an eco-friendly Blockchain with Proof-of-Stake?


ardor - ardr blockchain

ignis blockchain

This guarantees transparency and digital security for the TREECYCLE project. I will disclose the proceeds on a regular basis on my social media.

TREE Token

TXC Token Treecoin

There are the TREE token (security token) and the TXC coin (payment token) which are needed to understand / control the investment and pay the project.